The holidays are coming and lots of people of good will be doing whatever they can do to help those who are homeless. Many, if not most will be volunteering to serve food at shelters, churches and “soup kitchens.” Most will feel better when they leave. Some will walk away wishing they could do more.

If you’re one of them, here’s one thing that won’t take any extra time, effort, or money. If and when you tell people what you did on Thanksgiving, tell them that you helped serve food to homeless people. This is not the “PC” police approach. I say “homeless people” all the time instead of “people who are experiencing homelessness.” It’s about respect. I’ve been working in homelessness for 35 years and I’ve never “fed” a homeless person. They were all adults and they were perfectly capable of feeding themselves. I’ve served food to them, bought food for them and shared food with them. On the other hand……..

I feed babies, holding their bottles to their little mouths and cuddling them over my shoulder to burp them.

I “feed” toddlers in their highchairs until they can hold their own spoons or food and can feed themselves.

I “feed” my cats by putting their food in bowls on the floor.

I “feed” the birds and squirrels in my back yard by scattering bread on the ground for them to peck at. 

I do not “feed” or participate in “feedings” of homeless people. (I cringe when I hear or read the term used.)

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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