With her gift of story-telling, deep sense of compassion, and rich Southern sense of humor, Pat takes you on a ride … a kaleidoscope of adventures that few ever experience. 

The author takes the reader inside the hearts and minds of homeless people, on an unexpected journey to the gritty streets of Memphis and to the often ignored – yet ever present world of homeless people. The Concrete Killing Fields makes clear that “there’s a person under there.”

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The Concrete Killing Fields

Pat found her calling in the basement of the Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee where she discovered the “invisible people”—the homeless people who’d soon steal her heart and, all-too-often, break it. She didn’t set out to become an authority on homelessness; she hadn’t planned to work in Washington DC; and she most assuredly hadn’t planned on finding the healing she didn’t know she needed. 

This book takes you from the concrete killing fields of Memphis to the snowy streets of New Hampshire, to the nation’s capital, and even to the President’s box at the Kennedy Center. Your eyes and your heart will be opened and you may discover that it is never too late to live out your dreams.

As a political insider, policy wonk, analyst, and activist, Pat had a front row seat as the Clinton Administration revolutionized the federal government’s response to homelessness. She learned how the federal government works to help homeless people—and how it too often doesn’t. 

But she never lets the people she meets along the way—or the reader—forget why she’s there. Get ready for an intense insight into a lifetime of stories—of people you will get to know and stories about those who are invisible—all waiting to be told.

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“Readers, be warned! Pat’s ‘must tell’ testament is compelling and contagious, relentless and raw, inspired and inspiring! Read and digest The Concrete Killing Fields. You will not remain the same.”  The Reverend Dr. Douglass M. Bailey, former rector of Calvary Episcopal Church (Memphis), President and founder, Center for Urban Ministry, Inc., Winston-Salem, North Carolina