Pat Morgan, author, The Concrete Killing Fields

Pat Morgan’s work for the homeless has been honored by
President Bill Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo,
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,
and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Awards won by "The Concrete Killing Fields"

Have the Mentally Ill Homeless Become Collateral Damage? Yes, says author and expert on homelessness Pat Morgan.

We Hardly Knew Them reveals the horrendous plight of homeless, mentally ill people, the cause and the reality of the criminalization of mental illness and homelessness, and the decades-old, discriminatory legislation that resulted in thousands and thousands of untreated, severely mentally ill people who became, and still are, collateral damage.


The Concrete Killing Fields

Have You Ever Wondered Why We Still Have So Many Homeless People on the Streets, Jails and Prisons?

The Concrete Killing Fields
started out as a brief, monthly update that I wrote for my church’s bulletin to help some of our parishioners understand why all those dirty, smelly, homeless people were in the basement of our church, and what we were doing to help them. By the time parishioners read about one of the homeless people we’d helped in our “Street Ministry,” most understood what, how, and more importantly, why we were trying to help them, and you can as well.